U.S. News & World Report rankings

The University of Cincinnati was again named in the Top Tier of the country's "Best National Universities" and moved up four spots to 135th in the 2014 special issue. In the past four years, UC has jumped 21 places on the list and is now tied with Hofstra University, Kansas State University and Ohio University. (2013-14)

The University of Cincinnati was also listed third among 23 "National Universities" identified as “Up-and-Coming Schools” by the college administrators who are surveyed by U.S. News. Administrators across the country were asked to nominate universities that recently made promising and innovative changes in the areas of academics, faculty, student life, campus, or facilities, according to the college guide.

UC also made the list of the top 13 colleges with the best co-op or internship opportunities.

In addition, UC has numerous programs ranked among the top 100 public universities in the nation. Out of the following 41 UC programs and colleges that are nationally ranked, 37 placed in the top 50.

In particular, the MBA program rose a total of 39 spots for its full-time program and 69 spots for its part-time program. Both rankings exemplified the largest increase of any school in the nation, leading U.S. News & World Report to call the UC move "one of the most noteworthy changes" in the most current rankings.

These are the most recent rankings (2014 for online programs and MBA programs; 2013 for most of the other rankings). All categories are not ranked yearly.

(Note: USN&WR generally ranks only graduate programs. Rankings from other sources are listed below the USN&WR list.)

Rankings of colleges, schools, university-wide programs (2013)

  • Cooperative Education — 4th
  • College of Pharmacy — 32nd
  • College of Medicine — 44th
  • College of Nursing graduate studies — 64th
  • College of Law — 80th
  • College of Engineering — 81st
  • School of Criminal Justice (CECH) — 3rd
  • School of Education (CECH) — 65th

Best online programs (2014)

  • Online graduate nursing programs for veterans — 10th
  • Online graduate education program — 18th
  • Online graduate nursing program — 37th
  • Online bachelor's program — 87th

Music and arts graduate programs

  • Opera/voice — 3rd
  • Interior design — 3rd
  • Musical conducting — 5th
  • Industrial design — 6th
  • Music — 6th
  • Music composition — 9th
  • Orchestra/symphony — 9th
  • Drama — 37th
  • Master of fine arts — 45th
  • Creative writing — 46th

Medical and human-service graduate programs

  • Pediatrics — 3rd
  • Nursing-anesthesia — 32nd
  • Nursing-midwifery — 35th
  • Speech, language pathology (CAHS) — 35th
  • Audiology (CAHS) — 37th
  • Otolaryngology — 43rdh

Science, engineering, business graduate programs

  • Paleontology — 6th
  • Environmental engineering — 20th
  • Aerospace engineering — 31st
  • Civil engineering — 48th
  • Mechanical engineering -- 60th
  • MBA:
    • best full-time program — 60th, a 39-spot increase in its rankings over last year, the single biggest increase of any school (March 2014)
    • best part-time program — 81st, a 69-spot rise over last year, the biggest increase of any school (March 2014)
    • top 10 for greatest financial value upon graduation -- highest first-year salaries relative to debt load out of 437 for programs (2012)

Undergraduate program ranking

  • Accounting undergraduate program — 10th